Weed in Rhodes

cannabis/weed in Rhodes get marijuana in Rhodes

Where can I buy marijuana in Rhodes? Rhodes, the largest of Greece’s Dodecanese islands, is only a few kilometers from the Turkish coast. The island was historically noteworthy because it housed the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Rhodes is gradually becoming a popular tourist destination, thanks to its superb restaurants, cultural events, and magnificent beaches. Continue reading for more information about cannabis/weed in Rhodes.

Cannabis laws in Greece

Due to Greece’s strict cannabis laws, purchasing and smoking marijuana is extremely dangerous. Possession of modest amounts of cannabis for personal use is not a significant offence, and a fine is normally imposed. The court must evaluate what constitutes a small amount and whether it was intended for personal use. This means that even if you simply have a small amount of marijuana, you will be sentenced to prison before appearing in court. Marijuana sales and manufacture are more serious offenses that almost always result in incarceration. In Greece, it is best to avoid cannabis at all costs. Smokers, both locals and visitors, abound, but getting caught is a hassle that will almost surely ruin your vacation.

Finding weed in Rhodes

Rhodes’s absence of street vendors makes obtaining cannabis as a visitor difficult. Taxi drivers and hotel staff are usually well-versed in the best spots to score some weed, so it’s a smart idea to ask them. But this is more of a chance than anything else. The availability of marijuana is highest in the main cities of Greece, such as Athens and Thessaloniki. The quality of cannabis in Greece is generally low. While locals may pay 10 euros per gram, tourists may pay more.

cannabis/weed in Rhodes get marijuana in Rhodes

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