Weed in Santorini

get marijuana in Santorini cannabis/weed in Santorini

How to find weed on Santorini. The island of Santorini is often regarded as one of Greece’s most stunning destinations. One of the world’s largest volcanic explosions occurred on the island. Santorini’s oldest settlements were obliterated in the volcanic explosion, hastening the decline of the Minoan civilization. Millions of tourists flock to the island annually. However, due to stringent Greek regulations, acquiring cannabis/weed is extremely challenging on Santorini.

Cannabis laws in Greece

The Greek cannabis laws can be difficult to understand. Small amounts of marijuana for personal use are allowed in theory, but the threshold for this exception must be set by the courts. You’ll probably have to go to court if you’re found with marijuana, but unless you had a lot with you, the worst that can happen is a fine. However, medical marijuana is already allowed, so perhaps restrictions will be relaxed in the future.

It may be difficult to obtain marijuana in Greece for smoking purposes. If you must light up while in Santorini, do so discreetly and anonymously. Quieter beaches or your own home are much better places to light up than in a public area.

Finding weed in Santorini

Finding weed on Santorini might be challenging. Since the island is primarily a family and premium destination, it may be difficult to purchase cannabis there. We have rules on where you may legally purchase marijuana in major Greek cities like Thessaloniki and Athens.

The quality of cannabis in Greece varies, but it’s usually not very good because most of it is brought in from Albania and is grown in the open. The normal price per gram is 10 euros, although it might be more or less depending on the clientele. Explore articles on Weed in Rhodes and Weed in Kos.

get marijuana in Santorini cannabis/weed in Santorini

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