Weed in Kos

Cannabis/weed  in Kos get marijuana in Kos

How to find weed on Kos. The Greek island of Kos can be found in the southeastern Aegean. Despite being only 2 kilometers from Turkey, it is considered part of Greece. It’s a well-liked vacation spot, particularly among British and Scandinavian youth. The island features beautiful whitewashed structures, delicious dining options, and a lively nightlife. Weed and cannabis can be difficult to come by on Kos because of Greece’s stringent drug laws.

Cannabis laws in Greece

Greece has some of the strictest marijuana regulations in Europe, despite the recent legalization of medical marijuana and discussions of decriminalization. Marijuana usage, possession, and cultivation are all against the law. It’s possible to get away with just a fine if you have a little amount of marijuana on you for personal use. A judge must make that call, but even for small marijuana infractions, it is unusual for defendants to be required to appear in court and spend the night in jail. Cultivating or selling marijuana is illegal and carries serious criminal penalties.

Marijuana use is widespread in Greece, although doing so is not without risk. Keep your distance from the Greek police if you must smoke when visiting the country.

Finding weed in Kos

If you don’t know anyone in Kos, it can be tough to find cannabis. Cannabis is cultivated and transported, but there are no street dealers, according to people who work in hotels or restaurants. Cannabis purchased in big cities such as Athens or Thessaloniki, on the other hand, is a superior option. Weed in Greece is usually of poor quality because it is grown outside, but it will get you high. A gram of gold usually costs around ten euros.

Cannabis/weed  in Kos get marijuana in Kos

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