Weed in Zurich

get marijuana in Zurich cannabis/weed in Zurich

Where to get marijuana in Zurich. Zurich is noted for its stunning architecture, which includes several churches and old bridges. What could be more delightful than smoking marijuana while taking in all that this city has to offer in terms of sights and sounds? Here’s how to buy and use cannabis/weed in Zurich in a nutshell.

Cannabis Laws in Switzerland:

The regulations around marijuana usage are very permissive, and cops aren’t overly worried with users. Marijuana is illegal to sell or possess, although it is legal to consume and possess small amounts in private situations. It means you can experiment with your favorite herb in the privacy of your own home or office. If you are found with marijuana on the streets and it can be established that you have it for personal use, you may face a fine.

Where to Get Cannabis/weed in Zurich:

In Zurich, finding high-quality marijuana may be tough. Zurich used to have a multitude of head shops where you could easily obtain the highest quality buds. Currently, you can try your luck in the Langstrasse neighborhood, which is densely populated with dealers. Because this is a Red Light District, there are a lot of cops in the area, you should be cautious when getting marijuana in this area. Always double-check the amount of cannabis you’re buying before you buy it.

Cannabis/weed in Zurich – Prices:

Prices vary, and you’ll get the best deal if you know someone in the city. If you’re new to the city, expect to pay around 12 euros per gram of top-grade cannabis. For 5 euros per gram, hash fans can acquire the highest quality hash in bricks from Morocco.

Zurich is a lovely city with lots of things to see and do. Law enforcement is liberal when it comes to cannabis, and if you’re seen smoking on the street, you’ll be prosecuted. It’s also legal to smoke in your own house, which is great. The only difficulty for newcomers is locating high-quality cannabis in sufficient quantities. There are articles on Weed in Geneva and Weed in Bern.

get marijuana in Zurich cannabis/weed in Zurich

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