Weed in Lugano

Smoking cannabis/weed in Lugano find marijuana in Lugano

Where to find marijuana in Lugano. Lugano is a town in the Ticino canton of southern Switzerland. Unlike the rest of the country, this part of Switzerland speaks Italian. Lugano is one of Switzerland’s most famous tourist destinations, thanks to its beautiful medieval architecture and, of course, the lake Lugano. In the summer, the lake offers a range of activities, including boat cruises, restaurants, and swimming areas. Smoking cannabis/weed in Lugano should not be an issue when visiting due to the country’s lax marijuana regulations.

Cannabis laws in Switzerland

Despite the fact that cannabis is still illegal in Switzerland, the country is moving toward legalization as law becomes more permissive. Since 2007, cannabis possession has been decriminalized. You will be fined 100 CHF if you are caught with less than 10 grams of marijuana. In terms of consumption, the same is true. If you are caught again, the fine will be raised according to your financial circumstances. Selling or possessing large amounts of marijuana can result in even larger fines, and if you have more than 4 kg on you, you may be sentenced to prison.

Despite Switzerland’s relatively liberal cannabis laws, it is nonetheless recommended that you reduce your smoking to a minimal. You won’t get in too much trouble, but if you want to avoid a fine, don’t smoke in public.

Finding Cannabis/weed in Lugano

Marijuana is available at a few outlets in the Lugano area. You’ll see what I mean if you wander around the Parco Civico, which is next to the lake, or near the Università della Svizzera Italiana. The most of the time, there are some sellers in the area. They will approach you if you appear to be someone who is interested in obtaining marijuana. Normally, a gram of gold costs 15 CHF. The quality fluctuates, but it’s neither too bad nor too fantastic for getting you high.

Smoking cannabis/weed in Lugano find marijuana in Lugano

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