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get cannabis/weed in Geneva get marijuana in Geneva

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Where to get marijuana in Geneva. Have you ever thought about going to a beautiful city near Lake Geneva that is surrounded by the Alps? Bohemian districts like Carouge are popular because the city has been influenced by French culture. Exploring the city may be an exhilarating adventure that can last days. You’ll fall in love with Geneva right immediately if you’re a cannabis aficionado. Continue reading to find out where you can get cannabis/weed in Geneva and how to consume it.

Cannabis Law in Switzerland

Switzerland is divided into provinces, with some places allowing medical marijuana use. Despite the fact that this is not the case in Geneva, cannabis is a hot topic that is likely to become legal in the next years. If you want to smoke cannabis in a private location away from cops, do so in a private location away from cops. Additionally, if you want to smoke freely, do so in your own home. You’ll probably simply get a warning if you’re caught with less than 1 gram.

Where to Get Cannabis/Weed in Geneva

Cannabis is very easy to come by in Geneva. Simply take a stroll across the city and its major parks. There will be a younger audience, and marijuana will be smelled. Approach them with respect and inquire if they can help you. The greatest option is to go to Parc de St Jean, where there are a slew of vendors eager to sell their items. Be wary, as the neighborhood is a hotbed for cops, and numerous dealers have lately been apprehended. Always inspect the marijuana before purchasing it on the street, and never pay in advance.

Cannabis/weed in Geneva – Prices

Cannabis of decent quality costs roughly $10 per gram. The difficulty with procuring marijuana in Geneva is that street vendors will not sell you a gram for $50. For that money, you may expect 3–4 grams of high-quality buds. Geneva has a number of hashes to choose from. The price of good-quality Moroccan hashish starts at $6 per gram, and it gives you a tremendous high feeling

get cannabis/weed in Geneva get marijuana in Geneva

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