Weed in Bern

get marijuana in Bern get cannabis/weed in Bern

Where to get marijuana in Bern. Bern, Switzerland’s capital city, is a must-see if you’re the type of traveler who enjoys touring beautiful cities while high on cannabis. The historic town and medieval architecture of the city are well-known. Furthermore, Bern’s nightlife is incredible, so trust us when we say you’ll have a great time and get some weed during your stay. You’ll fall in love with the city if you’re a cannabis enthusiast! Continue reading to find out where you can get cannabis/weed in Bern and how to consume it.

Cannabis Laws in Switzerland 

Any action involving cannabis in Switzerland is severely limited and illegal by law, however the authorities are not particularly strict when it comes to cannabis. You will almost probably be penalized if the cops discover you with a substantial quantity for personal use. Furthermore, smoking is tolerated in some places, such as Bern, and most police officers will not arrest you if they find you smoking. Simply refrain from smoking in crowded public areas. Officials in Bern are aiming to establish smoking clubs and make smoking legal within these facilities as an experiment. In 2018, these clubs are expected to open.

Where to Get Cannabis/weed in Bern

Bern is a lovely city with plenty of things to do and see. The city is highly forested, and there are parks where young people meet. You will almost surely smell marijuana if you take a walk about. If you approach people gently, there’s a strong chance they’ll put you in touch with someone who can help you. Another hub for cannabis and other narcotics is Reitschule, but be aware of being ripped off there. If you want to, you can buy legal marijuana in Bern! Inquire about legal cannabis at your neighborhood headshop. Although you can get your hands on it, the THC level is less than 1%. The good news is that this legal marijuana is high in CBD, a compound that has been proved to have medicinal properties.

Cannabis/weed in Bern – Prices

The price varies significantly based on the number and quality of connections available in the city. A gram of high-quality cannabis costs $10 on average. Hashish, which costs $6 per gram, is also freely available in the city. You should expect to pay around $25 for 10 grams of legal marijuana with low THC levels. Legal marijuana has a THC content of 0.4 percent and a CBD content of 7%, and it can be delivered to your door.

get marijuana in Bern get cannabis/weed in Bern

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