Weed in Basel

get marijuana in Basel cannabis/weed in Basel

Where to get marijuana in Basel. Basel is a Swiss city located on the French-German border. It’s a unique melting pot of European cultures, languages, and cuisines, making it a must-see destination. If you want to wander the streets while smoking a joint, you’re in luck. When it comes to marijuana, the laws in Switzerland are relatively lax, and if you look hard enough, you may find some. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about cannabis/weed in Basel.

Cannabis laws Switzerland

When it comes to marijuana, Switzerland is rather liberal and progressive, yet it is still outlawed. Low-THC joints are available at practically any tobacco shop, but they contain less than 1% THC and will not make you high. Although cannabis remains illegal, it has been decriminalized. If you are caught with less than 10 grams of marijuana on your person, you will only be fined 100 Swiss Francs. In general, the cops don’t mind if you’re simply smoking a joint and not dealing. Just don’t make it too obvious.

There have been multiple efforts at legalization in Switzerland, and recreational cannabis is quite likely to be legalized in the near future. There’s still a lot to be done, and it’ll certainly take years, but at some point, we’ll be smoking weed while skiing in the Swiss Alps.

Getting Cannabis/weed in Basel

Because of the relatively lax laws, it’s not difficult to find weed in Basel. You’ll probably certainly come across dealers if you go along the Rhein’s banks. They’re mostly African and North African, and it’s obvious that they’re selling hashish and marijuana. You should inspect the weed before paying, as such folks are known to swindle people. Expect to pay between 10-15 CHF per gram of cannabis, depending on the quality and your skill to haggle. However, keep in mind that the quality is frequently low.

get marijuana in Basel cannabis/weed in Basel

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