Weed in Bilbao

get weed in Bilbao marijuana/cannabis in Bilbao

Where to get  weed in Bilbao. Bilbao is the largest city in the Basque Country, located in northern Spain. It is one of the most prosperous and well-known districts in the country. Users of marijuana will be relieved to hear some good news. Cannabis is largely legal in Spain, thanks to the country’s lax drug regulations. Marijuana is widely used throughout the country, so finding marijuana in Bilbao should not be difficult. Continue reading to learn more about marijuana/cannabis in Bilbao.

Cannabis laws in Spain

Cannabis is partially legalized in Spain due to a curious gap in the constitution, at least in private. As a result, there are noteworthy cannabis clubs in several Spanish cities. Smoking marijuana and growing it at home are both lawful as long as they are used for personal purposes. Growing and selling marijuana is prohibited, and you could face legal consequences if you do so. If you have something in public, you might be in trouble, but the worst that can happen is a fine. In Spain, many individuals smoke, even in public, despite the importance of exercising caution. Fines of a few hundred euros could cause your trip to Bilbao to be canceled.

Getting weed/cannabis in Bilbao

If you don’t live in Spain, you won’t be able to access the cannabis clubs. In town, though, there are a number of street traders. In Bilbao, you’ll find dealers near the train station, in parks, and along the river. If you want stronger marijuana or hash and don’t want to be taken advantage of, ask the locals. Any Spanish student should be able to connect you with someone who can assist you if you go out and ask them. Hash is significantly more commonly available and less expensive in Spain than cannabis. Pay between 5-7 euros per gram, with hash being the most affordable option.

get weed in Bilbao marijuana/cannabis in Bilbao

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