Weed in Strasbourg

get marijuana in Strasbourg cannabis/weed in Strasbourg

Where to get marijuana in Strasbourg. Strasbourg is known as a bureaucratic city populated by judges, lawyers, and politicians. It is right, but it is also a lot more. There are a lot of students and tourists, and the city has the French vibe you’re looking for. Weed is illegal, yet it’s quite easy to obtain. If you go to the right areas in town, they will almost likely offer you to buy some. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about cannabis/weed in Strasbourg.

Cannabis laws in France

France is one among Europe’s most cannabis-consuming nations. The majority of the younger generation either smokes or has tried marijuana on a daily basis. In France, cannabis is still illegal, but its usage has been decriminalized. In 2018, the government decided to lessen the penalty for marijuana possession; today, if you are discovered with cannabis on you, you will just be fined 200 euros. It’s a huge step forward from the previous law, which might have led to incarceration. Of course, the cops may let you off with a warning and no fine, but that is totally up to them.

When it comes to marijuana, the police in France are fairly lax, so as long as you only have little amounts on you and don’t smoke and drive, you should be alright. Even if there are no border checks, it’s not a smart idea to cross the German border with weed in your possession.

Getting cannabis/weed in Strasbourg

You won’t have any trouble finding cannabis in Strasbourg. If you travel near the main train station, or the ‘Place des Halles,’ you’ll almost surely stumble across several North African males selling hash. If you give them a little nod, they should approach you and sell you something. Keep in mind that there’s a lot more hash than cannabis in town. Those guys are also likely to try to swindle you, so double-check whatever you’re paying for all the time. The normal price per gram is around 7-10 euros, however tourists are likely to pay more.

get marijuana in Strasbourg cannabis/weed in Strasbourg

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