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cannabis/weed in Athens get marijuana in Athens

Where can I buy marijuana in Athens? Athens is a historic city with scars from its long past visible everywhere. The experience of walking through the streets of Athens is unforgettable in and of itself, but the Parthenon is one of the few locations that everyone should see at least once in their lives. Aside from its history, the city has a vibrant nightlife and beautiful beaches. Athens is a lovely city to visit, but how is the city’s cannabis situation? Cannabis is banned in Greece, but if you look hard enough, you might be able to find it in Athens.

Cannabis Law in Greece

Cannabis is prohibited in Greece, and the penalties are severe. In principle, it doesn’t seem that bad because marijuana possession is decriminalized, with the vast majority of people getting a fine. If you are detected, a judge will have to decide your punishment. It is common for people to spend a night or two in jail before going before a judge, which is an issue. If you are required to appear in court, you will almost always be fined. Marijuana growing and sale are both illegal, and either can result in prison time.

Marijuana should be avoided in Athens and throughout Greece. It will not ruin your life if you are caught, but it will ruin your vacation. Don’t smoke in public, and remember that dealing with Greek cops is a hassle.

Where to Get Cannabis in Athens

Outside of the summer, tourists will have a difficult time purchasing cannabis in Athens. Throughout the summer, you can walk along the beaches of Kavouri and Limanakla. Despite the presence of merchants, young Greeks are more likely to be spotted smoking. Most stoners are friendly, so ask for their assistance. In general, asking a local for a referral is the simplest way to acquire weed in Athens. They know individuals and can get you better marijuana than you can on the street. Because of the strict rules, there aren’t many dealers. Cannabis is widely grown outside in Albania, although the quality is frequently subpar.

Cannabis prices in Athens vary tremendously depending on where you buy it. You should expect to spend around 10 euros per gram on average, though as a guest, you may be requested to pay more.

cannabis/weed in Athens get marijuana in Athens

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