Weed in Nantes

cannabis/weed in Nantes get marijuana in Nantes

Where to get marijuana in Nantes. Nantes is one of France’s largest cities, located in western France. There are various museums and cultural attractions in the area, but simply walking around town is enough to keep you entertained. Finding cannabis in Nantes is tough, but not impossible, for foreigners. If you look hard enough, you’ll find cannabis. Continue reading for more information on our cannabis/weed in Nantes.

Cannabis laws in France

Statistics vary, but it’s clear that France ranks highly in cannabis consumption within Europe, whether it holds the first, second, or fourth place. Historically, French laws regarding marijuana were quite strict, but they have relaxed significantly in recent years. Now, carrying small amounts of marijuana is not treated as severely as it once was. Possession of a few grams typically results in a fine up to 200 euros—a more lenient consequence compared to the previous risk of arrest.

In reality, French police priorities have shifted, and they are less concerned with individuals using marijuana, focusing more on other issues. This shift reflects a broader trend towards a more relaxed approach to cannabis users in the country

Getting Cannabis/weed in Nantes

Obtaining cannabis in Nantes isn’t impossible, however it may be tough for a foreigner due to the city’s size. You might be able to find cannabis or hash dealers near the train station or along the riverbank. They are mostly African or Arab men who are easily identifiable. Of course, it’s impossible to say when you’ll run across them, and there are no guarantees. 

There’s also the possibility that such merchants will take advantage of you. Another option is to approach some young French people and ask them out for a drink. Because many of the young people use marijuana, there’s a good chance they’ll help you. Marijuana costs approximately 10 euros per gram. Retrieve articles on Weed in Bordeaux and Weed in Toulouse

cannabis/weed in Nantes get marijuana in Nantes

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