Weed in Monaco

get marijuana in Monaco cannabis/weed in Monaco

Where to get marijuana in Monaco. Monaco is a tiny city-state on the beautiful French Riviera. With more than a third of its citizens being millionaires, the city is well-known for its wealth. This playground for the wealthy also has wonderful beaches, great restaurants, and nightlife if you can afford it. Cannabis laws are not exceptionally harsh, given the French and Italian influences. Marijuana is, however, difficult to come by in Monaco. Continue reading for more on cannabis/weed in Monaco.

Cannabis laws in Monaco

Although Monaco’s marijuana regulations are strict, they are regularly ignored for minor offenses. In theory, carrying any amount of marijuana should result in a fine, but having a large amount might result in incarceration. Many people in Monaco, however, use marijuana, and it is usual to smell it when wandering around. If you have a joint on you, the cops are usually understanding and will not arrest you. However, make an effort to smoke in a quiet and unobtrusive manner.

Where to find Cannabis/weed in Monaco

It can be difficult to obtain cannabis in Monaco because there are no street vendors. Your only option is to make some local friends and ask them to connect you to someone who can assist you. Marijuana is widely used in Monaco, and it is not considered taboo. You might also travel to France, where Niece is the next major city. In Niece, marijuana is easy to come by. Hash is very popular in both Niece and Monaco.

get marijuana in Monaco cannabis/weed in Monaco

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