Legislation Where to get cannabis in Quebec. In Canada, it is illegal to possess marijuana. You could be charged with trafficking if you have baggies, scales, or other selling accoutrements. Keep reading more on how to get weed/marijuana in Quebec. In Canada, cannabis is classified as Schedule II (for more than 3 kg). Cannabis control

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Donate for cannabis laws Donate for cannabis laws  Please help our organization proceed with advanced research on cannabis laws and its accessibility around the world by making a donation. Our goal is to create a universal cannabis law awareness platform for individuals and travelers. A platform where they are informed on the legal constraints linked

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Weed in Eilat

Get marijuuana in Eilat. As a traveler to Jerusalem, you must use utmost cautions when purchasing cannabis. You’ll encounter Palestinian youths selling cannabis or referring you to where you may get it if you walk around Downtown and Jaffa Street. However, if you ask folks who are already smoking, there’s a significant possibility they’ll take

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Weed in Hanoi

Get marijuana in Hanoi. As a result of Hanoi’s increasing growth as a tourist destination, cannabis is becoming more publicly available. However, because to the stringent regulations, obtaining cannabis in Hanoi remains incredibly tough. In terms of nightlife, the city has a lot to offer visitors, but it isn’t as well-known as Phuket or Phnom

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Weed in Monaco

Where to get marijuana in Monaco. Monaco is a tiny city-state on the beautiful French Riviera. With more than a third of its citizens being millionaires, the city is well-known for its wealth. This playground for the wealthy also has wonderful beaches, great restaurants, and nightlife if you can afford it. Cannabis laws are not

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Weed in Dresden

Where to get marijuana in Dresden. Dresden, the capital of the state of Saxony, has recently developed a reputation as a trendy and hip destination. Dresden is an excellent destination to visit because it has a large student population, a dark and interesting history, and all of Germany’s fantastic attractions. In Dresden, finding weed is

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Weed in Lille

Where to get marijuana in Lille. Lille is France’s fifth-largest city, only a smidgeon smaller than Toulouse. Lille is a unique French city due to its proximity to the Belgian border and the presence of various Belgian and Dutch influences. While admiring the building, the Flemish influences are obvious, and there is no better way

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