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get marijuana in Budva cannabis/weed in Budva

Where to get marijuana in Budva. Budva is a renowned tourist attraction in Montenegro, and it is Montenegro’s response to Dubrovnik. With a well-preserved and outstanding medieval city center, it is the country’s touristic core. There are also some beautiful beaches to visit, as well as the Adriatic coast. There is food, there are meetings, and there is something for everyone who visits. Cannabis, on the other hand, is illegal and exceedingly difficult to obtain. Continue reading to learn more on cannabis/weed in Budva.

Cannabis laws in Montenegro

Montenegro, like its neighbors Croatia and Serbia, has severe drug laws, which should come as no surprise. Trafficking, selling, and producing marijuana are all unlawful acts that can lead to serious consequences. Don’t get involved in anything like that. Possession is also illegal, although for a few grams, you’ll probably simply receive a fine and possibly a night in jail. If the authorities discover you smoking, there’s a good chance they’ll want a bribe; the price varies, but it can be rather hefty.

Montenegro, however, is still behind the times when it comes to cannabis. Marijuana use is frowned upon, at least among the older generations, and even medical marijuana is prohibited. In Budva, there are a lot of great places to smoke weed, but stick to the more private spots and avoid smoking in public.

Getting Cannabis/weed in Budva

Because of the strict laws, there aren’t many drug traffickers on the streets. The best way to find weed in Budva is to go to a nightclub or bar and ask the people who work there. They’re mostly young and smoke, but they might be able to help you. It’s best not to approach strangers and ask them questions; instead, get to know them first. Rates for tourists vary, but you should anticipate to spend between 10-15 euros per gram.

get marijuana in Budva cannabis/weed in Budva

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