Weed in Milan

get marijuana in Milan cannabis/weed in Milan

Where to get marijuana in Milan. Milan is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Your visit to this city, which has architecture that rivals that of Paris, will definitely be memorable. Marijuana can enhance the pleasures of beautiful streets and delectable meals. According to our guide, here’s where you can get cannabis/weed in Milan.

Cannabis laws in Italy

Although marijuana is illegal in Italy, if you are caught with small amounts for personal use, you are unlikely to suffer serious consequences. Personal use is a misdemeanor, and having marijuana on your person will almost probably result in a fine. Selling and cultivating marijuana, on the other hand, is illegal and can get you in serious trouble, including jail. Marijuana is legal in Milan to a greater extent than in the rest of Italy, but you should still avoid smoking in public and keep your use to your home.
Medicinal marijuana is legal to some extent. It can only be used to treat a small percentage of persons with pain.

Where to get cannabis/weed in Milan

If you don’t know anyone in Milan, you’ll have to rely on street dealers to buy pot. Hash and cannabis are both widely available, however hash is slightly more popular and easier to come by. Sempione Park, located in the city center, is a wonderful place to visit. Simply go to the location and look for Arabs who look like they’re dealing. You can approach them in Italian by asking for ‘fumo.’ A gram of marijuana costs 10 euros in Milan. The quality of marijuana sold on the street differs dramatically from one vendor to the next.

get marijuana in Milan cannabis/weed in Milan

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