Weed in Florence

get marijuana in Florence cannabis/weed in Florence

Where to get marijuana in Florence. Florence is a small Italian city noted for its cultural significance. A large number of students and tourists visit from all over the world. As a result, cannabis is easy to come by in Florence. This is a comprehensive guide to use and purchase of cannabis/weed in Florence, Italy.

Legal Status of Marijuana in Florence

The city’s recent legislation has primarily targeted individuals who consume alcohol. These people are more prone to damage others and generate issues for local authorities. Glass bottles, in fact, are not authorized to be sold after 10 p.m. Under current Italian law, the sale, transit, and cultivation of cannabis are all prohibited. It has been decriminalized and declared legal for therapeutic and religious uses.

Law Enforcement

The majority of individuals believe that smoking is not an issue as long as it is not done in densely populated areas. It is recommended that you smoke with caution and avoid areas where police officers frequent, even though it is not always permitted. Avoid visiting the Piazza della Signoria, the Uffizi, and the Piazza del Duomo. The police patrol these places more frequently since they are frequented by tourists.

Where to Buy Cannabis/weed in Florence

lorence, with its significant student population, has a vibrant cannabis scene. However, forming trustworthy connections can be challenging without local acquaintances. The Santa Maria Novella district is a popular area known for its lively atmosphere and availability of cannabis, but tourists are advised to be cautious as some vendors may exploit their unfamiliarity with the area. Another notable area is Santa Croce, home to numerous nightclubs and social venues, though the quality of cannabis products here often receives mixed reviews.

For those seeking higher-quality hash, Santo Spirito is recommended. It’s important to note that many of these smaller districts can be less safe for tourists, especially those who do not speak Italian. Solo female travelers, in particular, are advised to visit these areas only if accompanied, to ensure their safety

Cannabis Prices

Another city where hash is smoked instead of actual cannabis buds is Florence.
Buds, on the other hand, can be seen in some parts of town.
A gram of high-quality North African hash costs approximately 10 euros.
Buds will cost the same: 10 euros for one gram of high-quality marijuana.
The best hash can cost up to 12 euros per gram. There are articles on Weed in Bologna and Weed in Cork.

get marijuana in Florence cannabis/weed in Florence

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