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get marijuana in Rome cannabis/weed in Rome

The best spots in Rome to score some weed. Rome is one of the world’s most unique cities and a must-see for any traveler. This city’s fantastic cuisine, fascinating history, and exciting nightlife make it the perfect destination for a drunken vacation. First of all, despite the rules, you should be able to buy marijuana in Rome because Italians have a very relaxed attitude toward the drug. Here is a rundown of potential vacation high spots. Read on for more about hemp and cannabis in the Eternal City.


Cannabis laws in Italy

It’s no secret that Italy has liberal marijuana policies. Although possessing any amount of marijuana is against the law, possession of tiny amounts has been decriminalized. If you’re caught with even a few grams of marijuana, you could face a hefty punishment and the seizure of your personal things. That’s the law, of course, but realistically you might merely get a warning. Although Rome is generally more lenient than the rest of Italy, it is nevertheless considered rude to smoke in public locations like the Coliseum. Being quiet and helpful to the police when they arrive may help you avoid having to pay the fine.

Where to get cannabis/weed in Rome

Rome has a lot to offer and is very large, so there are plenty of chances to find what you’re looking for.
There are a select few reputable business owners in the San Lorenzo neighborhood. It’s mostly a college town, but you might find some Moroccans or Albanians selling weed if you wander around. If you make eye contact with them, they will come up to you and say “fumo,” which is Italian slang for marijuana. The going rate for tourists is about 10 euros per gram, although you can probably get it for less if you haggle. The item is of low quality.

The Santa Caterina della Rota Square is an excellent tourist destination. You should look around and make eye contact with the dears just like you would everywhere else in Rome. Avoid being overcharged and taken advantage of.

get marijuana in Rome cannabis/weed in Rome

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