Weed in Hanoi

marijuana in Hanoi get cannabis/weed in Hanoi

Get marijuana in Hanoi. As a result of Hanoi’s increasing growth as a tourist destination, cannabis is becoming more publicly available. However, because to the stringent regulations, obtaining cannabis in Hanoi remains incredibly tough. In terms of nightlife, the city has a lot to offer visitors, but it isn’t as well-known as Phuket or Phnom Penh as a cannabis tourism destination. However, don’t be put off because it is possible to get cannabis/weed in Hanoi.

Cannabis Law: 

Cannabis is heavily regulated and restricted, and it is fully illegal. According to internet reports, many people have been detained for carrying a few grams of marijuana. There is a huge problem with corruption because police salary is minimal. If the cops catch you with marijuana or doing something unlawful, you may be able to settle the matter with a bribe. Don’t hold your breath, though.

Where to Get Cannabis in Hanoi:

It’s not difficult to buy weed in Hanoi if you really want to. Simply ask your driver if you are taking a taxi or a motorcycle to the Hoan Kiem neighborhood. Many of them have a connection and will be able to help you, though at a larger price than usual. It’s also worth noting that some of the drivers are dishonest and may attempt to rob you, so proceed with caution. The majority of drivers will take you to a dealer friend to sell you marijuana, but be wary because they are untrustworthy.

The most convenient way to get cannabis is to stay in one of Hanoi’s many backpacker hostels. Everyone there is a smoker and will be happy to help you. Stay at one of them if at all possible and ask around. It is the safest and most efficient way to get marijuana. They will not try to defraud or rob you, and their service may even be better than the drivers’.

Cannabis in Hanoi – Prices:

The price of marijuana might vary substantially depending on your haggling skills. In general, a cannabis-laced cigarette pack will cost you roughly $5. When you buy more pot, you get a better deal, but it’s not a good idea to walk around with too much weed on you. Because much of it is grown in the jungle, the weed isn’t of the greatest quality, and the THC content is low, but it will get you high if you smoke a lot of it.

marijuana in Hanoi get cannabis/weed in Hanoi

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