Weed in Ho Chi Minh

marijuana in Ho Chi Minh get cannabis/weed in Ho Chi Minh

Get marijuana in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. You’ll almost likely want to light up a herb if you ever find yourself in a city as culturally diverse and prosperous as Ho Chi Minh. The prohibition on cannabis consumption and trade in Vietnam is highly strict. However, the country is currently coping with more serious concerns, such as the opium and heroin epidemics. You’ll probably be fine if you smoke weed in your hotel room, but don’t do it in crowded locations. Continue reading for more info on how to get cannabis/weed in Ho Chi Minh.

Cannabis Law: 

Cannabis is heavily regulated and restricted, and it is fully illegal. According to internet reports, many people have been detained for carrying a few grams of marijuana. There is a huge problem with corruption because police salary is minimal. If the cops catch you with marijuana or doing something unlawful, you may be able to settle the matter with a bribe. Don’t hold your breath, though.

Where to Get Cannabis in Ho Chi Minh 

For many Europeans who have decided to relocate to Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City is a popular choice. Your best hope is to meet someone from a western country who is visiting the city briefly. These people are usually willing to help you or can refer you to someone who can. Another method is to inquire about the herb with taxi drivers. It’s not a good idea because you might be exploited. Be cautious when asking for marijuana on the street since you never know if an undercover cop is approaching.

Cannabis Prices: 

You can get roughly 5 grams for $5–10. People will determine the quantity, but don’t expect it to be of high quality. Vietnam is no different than other Southeast Asian countries when it comes to marijuana, so expect to vape low-quality weed while you’re there.
Smoking and possessing marijuana are completely outlawed in Ho Chi Minh, and the police are corrupt. Be cautious when looking for herbs on the street. Although the cannabis is of poor quality, you receive a large quantity for a very low price.

marijuana in Ho Chi Minh get cannabis/weed in Ho Chi Minh

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