Weed in Braga

get marijuana in Braga cannabis/weed  in Braga

Where to get marijuana in Braga. Portugal is a marijuana-friendly nation. Braga is Portugal’s third largest city, with museums, cathedrals, plazas, and attractive avenues. Here’s everything you need to know about the consumption and purchase of cannabis/weed  in Braga, Portugal.

Legal Status

In 2001, Portugal decriminalized all narcotics, including marijuana and heroin. They began to view drug offenses as a public health issue rather than a criminal issue. If you have less than a 10-day supply on your person, you are unlikely to be arrested. You may, however, be forced to attend a meeting with the Commission on Drug Addiction Prevention.

Law Enforcement

This depends on the cop who questions you or locates you. When it comes to cannabis, officers are typically unconcerned. If you must meet with the CDDA, you will be given the option of a recommended treatment plan or a small fee. Growing plants and selling narcotics is still illegal. In some cases, officers may simply seize your marijuana and let you go. You may be obliged to spend the night in jail, depending on the amount.
There’s a lot of conflicting information out there about how much cannabis is legal to have in your possession. In some cases, up to 25 grams of buds and 5 grams of hash have been permitted.

Where to Buy Cannabis/weed in Braga

There are numerous street dealers, the most of whom are young African men with a “Rasta” appearance. It is entirely up to you whether or not you wish to purchase from these individuals, as they are notorious for selling low-quality things and exploiting tourists. You can also inquire informally at head shops.
Depending on where you go, you should expect to pay roughly 10 euros per gram of cannabis. Hash, on the other hand, is more common and usually less expensive than buds. Many street vendors will approach you, but they will almost certainly be selling low-quality goods with the purpose of scamming you.

get marijuana in Braga cannabis/weed  in Braga

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