Weed in Maastricht

get marijuana in Maastricht cannabis/weed in Maastricht 

Where to get marijuana in Maastricht. Maastricht is one of the Netherlands’ most historic and beautiful cities. Without a little cannabis, it’s hard to enjoy this great city. Despite the Netherlands’ marijuana tolerance, obtaining cannabis/weed in Maastricht can be tough if you are not a local.

Cannabis law in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is known for having among of the world’s most lenient cannabis laws. Despite this, it is still not legal and is merely tolerated. Different towns are also free to enact their own marijuana regulations, which is why anyone over the age of 18 can purchase marijuana from a coffee shop.

In Maastricht, however, this is not the case. In Maastricht, a cannabis pass is required to enter a coffeeshop and purchase marijuana (wietpas in Dutch). This means that only citizens of the municipality who are officially registered are permitted to attend the coffee shops and purchase cannabis. Weed, hash, pre-rolled joints, and edibles are all available for purchase at Maastricht’s coffee shops, just as they are in Amsterdam.

The goal of the pot ban is to keep people from Germany and Belgium, both of which are close to Maastricht, from buying marijuana and carrying it back home.

This means that unless you live in Maastricht, you will not be able to legally purchase marijuana. Dealing on the street is illegal and can get you in serious trouble. On the other hand, selling is a more serious offense. If you are able to purchase marijuana, you should avoid smoking it in busy places. The park and the Maas river are the most popular places to smoke outside.

How to get Cannabis/weed in Maastricht

Because Maastricht has so many coffee shops, the ideal place to purchase cannabis is from one of them. Without a weed pass, you won’t be able to enter, but you can always ask someone. If you simply asked, many young people in Maastricht would be pleased to buy some for you. Another option is to buy marijuana on the street from a drug dealer. They usually have lower-quality marijuana or simply sell you what they bought in a coffee shop for a higher price. However, selling marijuana on the street is illegal, and vendors should not be trusted. They are usually seen near the bridges late at night. They’re mostly Middle Eastern, and they’ll say “wiet” if you walk past them.

get marijuana in Maastricht cannabis/weed in Maastricht 

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