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get marijuana in Porto cannabis/weed in Porto

Where to get marijuana in Porto. Porto is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Portugal and Europe. It is home to a beautiful old city center that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After Lisbon, Porto is Portugal’s second-largest city, but it is also the country’s most vital commercial and industrial hub. Exploring the old, majestic buildings while smoking is a fantastic experience. This is our guide on cannabis/weed in Porto.

Cannabis laws in Portugal

In 2001, Portugal became well-known for decriminalizing all narcotics. This implies you will not be put to prison if you are caught with a little amount of marijuana for personal use. Instead, you may be eligible for a fee based on your income; nevertheless, the majority of people do not qualify. As long as you don’t have more than 2.5 grams of cannabis for personal use, you should be alright.

Cannabis sales, cultivation, and trafficking are still prohibited and can result in harsh consequences. It’s also a good idea to refrain from smoking in public places. Portugal does not have a medicinal marijuana program, despite its progressive decriminalization stance.

Where to get cannabis/weed in Porto

If you don’t know anyone in the region, Ribeira Square, which is located along the river, is a good place to start hunting for marijuana. It’s a popular area with lots of coffee shops and restaurants. If you walk along the street, you should be able to see the vendors, who are mostly young Moroccan men. Simply approach them and ask them a question. Another excellent site is Cordoaria Park. It is a popular municipal park with a large number of young people. There are a lot of smokers and drug salespeople wandering around. When purchasing marijuana on the street, be wary of being taken advantage of and always request to see the weed beforehand. A gram of marijuana costs roughly 6-7 euros on average.

get marijuana in Porto cannabis/weed in Porto

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