Weed in Barcelona

find marijuana in Barcelona cannabis/weed in barcelona

Where to find marijuana in Barcelona. This is a complete travel-guide on the consumption and purchase of cannabis in Barcelona. Many tourists will be astonished to learn how popular it is to obtain cannabis/weed in Barcelona. The city is known for its soccer team and revolutionary architecture.

Cannabis Laws in Barcelona – Legal Status

Only private “Cannabis Social Clubs” (also known as “Social Cannabis Associations”) are allowed to sell cannabis. In Barcelona, there are over 400 clubs to choose from. However, you cannot simply walk into a club, join then immediately purchase a blunt.
Marijuana has not been tolerated like it is in the Netherlands despite the legal private clubs. Spanish laws are considered to be relatively lenient in private areas. Don’t expect to be able to smoke marijuana outside of your house or at a nightclub without facing consequences.
If you’re discovered using marijuana in public, it will almost certainly be confiscated. You might face a hefty penalty of between 330 to 600 euros.

How do I Become a Member?

Existing members must refer new members, essentially someone who can vouch for you. You must also meet a few more requirements which vary in every club. Most clubs will at least need you to show proof of age (some clubs are 18+, others 21+) and a valid photo ID, as well as a residence address in Spain. It is up to the individual club whether or not you must provide proof of the stated address.

Some clubs may also ask for additional information such as whether you use marijuana occasionally or medicinally and how much you consume on a monthly basis. Don’t be startled if you’re asked to sign a waiver agreeing to follow the club’s regulations. The annual membership price is between 20 and 30 euros.

Getting Cannabis/Weed in Barcelona

Furthermore, If you’re only passing through or wish to join a Private Cannabis Club, buying cannabis on the street might be your best option. The quality of marijuana you obtain will vary depending on where you obtain it. Because of the proximity of Morocco and Algeria, hash is often thought to be of higher quality. The cost of a gram of weed varies between 8 and 10 euros. Weed is frequently sold around the beach and the city center. These are popular tourist destinations.

find marijuana in Barcelona cannabis/weed in barcelona

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