Weed in Madrid

cannabis/weed in Madrid get marijuana in Madrid

Where to get marijuana in Madrid. Except for a beach, Madrid is Spain’s largest city and provides everything a visitor might want. The streets are vast, and the buildings are opulent and imperial in appearance. There is excellent food, excellent alcohol, and a fantastic nightlife. If you’re visiting Madrid and enjoy smoking pot, you’ve come to the proper place. Although marijuana is illegal in Spain, it is readily available in Madrid. Continue reading for our comprehensive guide on cannabis/weed in Madrid.

Cannabis Laws in Spain: 

In terms of cannabis, Spain’s laws are extremely lax. Marijuana is, in fact, legal to consume and grow in private spaces. That means you can cultivate and enjoy marijuana in your own home. Of course, you are not permitted to sell it. However, cannabis clubs, similar to coffee shops in Amsterdam, can be found in all of Spain’s major cities, including Madrid. The only distinction is that to enter the club, you must be a member. The cannabis clubs are the ideal alternative for people who plan on staying in Madrid for an extended period of time.

It is unlawful to carry and smoke marijuana in public, although it is permitted. You could face a hefty fine, but that would be excessive. Many folks smoke on the street and never get caught; they just don’t do it in front of the cops.

Where to Get Cannabis in Madrid:

The cannabis clubs are the finest place to buy weed in Madrid. If you are only in town for a few days, it may not be worth the trouble. The majority of Madrid’s traders congregate in the city’s parks. Simply walking down the street, you will come across people selling or smoking. Simply approach them and ask for assistance, and you’ll most likely leave the park with some weed or hash.

Cannabis Prices: 

Marijuana rates in Madrid are generally low, but as a visitor, you may be taken advantage of. A gram of weed should cost no more than 7 euros, and a gram of hash should cost no more than 5-6 euros. It’s also a good idea to inspect the merchandise before handing over your money, since you can end up with some really poor items if you don’t.
Madrid is a pretty laid-back and chilled city, and you’ll be able to appreciate it while smoking a joint. It is simple to obtain weed there, but use caution and do not smoke on the street.

cannabis/weed in Madrid get marijuana in Madrid

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