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get marijuana in Warsaw cannabis/weed in Warsaw

Where to get marijuana in Warsaw. If you’ve ever wanted to go to Warsaw, Poland’s capital, be prepared to see a medieval city with unique Gothic churches and stunning street art. These are just a few of the reasons why Warsaw residents use marijuana. Here’s a brief guide on buying and smoking cannabis/weed in Warsaw.

Cannabis Laws in Poland:

In Poland, as in most other Eastern European countries, cannabis is still illegal. It’s intriguing that drug usage isn’t considered a crime, but even small amounts of the substance can result in serious consequences. Marijuana users face major challenges because it is classed alongside harmful narcotics like cocaine and heroin. However, the government is getting less strict on cannabis consumption every year, so if you’re caught with a small bit of weed, you might face charges, but they’ll usually be dropped if it’s your first cannabis offense and you only had a small amount for personal use. Dealing, even for the purpose of selling marijuana, is a serious offense that can result in a significant prison sentence. In 2017, Poland made a positive step toward pot legalization by legalizing medicinal marijuana.

Where to Get cannabis/weed in Warsaw:

The best approach to find decent grade cannabis is to look at areas where locals spend their time. Look about the neighborhood for neighboring pubs, clubs, parks, and neighbors; you’ll almost surely discover someone who smokes or can help you. Pola Mokotowskie is a well-known park that attracts a large number of students who consume marijuana. It’s also worth noting that, despite the fact that weed is illegal in Poland, you’ll almost certainly come across a weed plant while visiting the city.

Cannabis Prices in Warsaw:

Prices vary according to quality, but an average gram of good bud costs around 8 euros. If you want a high-grade class, expect to pay around 12 euros per gram. Hash is more difficult to obtain and costs roughly 12 euros per gram for those who prefer it to cannabis. In Warsaw, expect to only smoke high-quality marijuana, but be warned that if you are caught, you could face serious consequences. The weed is a touch more pricey there, but it’s worth it for the quality. You’ll be totally safe if you don’t smoke in public situations.

get marijuana in Warsaw cannabis/weed in Warsaw

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