Weed in Krakow

get marijuana in Krakow cannabis/weed in Krakow

Where to get marijuana in Krakow. Krak√≥w is Poland’s second-largest city, but it has a beauty that rivals Warsaw. The city has a historic and medieval aspect about it, having been founded in the seventh century. Unfortunately, marijuana is illegal in Poland, and Krakow isn’t one of Europe’s top marijuana hotspots. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about the cannabis/weed in Krakow.

Cannabis laws in Poland

Cannabis is illegal in Poland, and possession of the drug can result in a three-month prison sentence or a substantial fine. Growing and selling marijuana are much more serious felonies for which you will face criminal charges. Cannabis is not a laughing matter in Poland, despite the fact that most people do not suffer the maximum punishment and instead receive a fine.

Poland is a conservative country when it comes to drugs, and the cops aren’t exactly chill. Do not smoke in public locations where you can be seen. Maintain a low profile and stay vigilant at all times. Even if you see locals using marijuana openly, use caution.

Where to Buy Cannabis/weed in Krakow

Despite the severe laws, cannabis can be found in Krakow because to the influx of tourists. Things are getting better by the day, and what was once unattainable is now simply challenging, but not impossible to obtain. If you keep your eyes open at the city center’s clubs and strip clubs, you might be contacted by a dealer. It’s a bit of a gamble, but you never know what might happen.

Do not approach strangers and ask them to hook you up unless they are smoking marijuana. The majority of Poles despise marijuana.

Cannabis Prices in Krakow

Weed costs 10 euros a gram in Poland, but as a tourist, you’re almost certain to be taken advantage of. Hash is referred to as “Kostka,” whereas cannabis is known as “Baka,” “Jaranie,” or “Staf.” Hash is much more difficult to get by, and you’re not likely to be given any.

get marijuana in Krakow cannabis/weed in Krakow

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