Weed in Osaka

 get marijuana in Osaka cannabis/weed in Osaka

Where to get marijuana in Osaka, Japan. If you ever find yourself in Osaka, Japan’s commercial capital, there’s a strong chance you’ll be curious about cannabis consumption. While it is often preferable to view a city while high, you should think twice about smoking marijuana in Japan. Here’s a brief guide to buying and smoking cannabis/weed in Osaka, Japan.

Cannabis Law in Japan:

When it comes to cannabis, Japan has a unique set of regulations. Cannabis cultivation is legal for individuals with a license, but it is illegal for the rest of the population. Everything regarding cannabis is strictly regulated and illegal, so even a small amount may land you in prison. The cops are unconcerned about the number of times you are detained. You’ll almost definitely risk prison time and a large fine if you’re caught. Our advice is to avoid consuming marijuana while in Osaka or anywhere else in Japan.

Where to Get Cannabis/weed in Osaka: 

If you want to smoke marijuana/weed in Osaka despite the warnings and limitations, you can get information on where to acquire it, but because everyone is terrified of it, you’re unlikely to find any. Approaching locals with street stands who spend the most of their time in the same location throughout the year is your best bet. Expect them to refuse to help you with the information since they are mindful of the consequences if they are discovered.

Cannabis/Marijuana in Osaka – Prices:

Cannabis/weed in Osaka is illegal, and the penalties for possession are severe, so expect prices to increase for the lowest-quality strains. Cannabis is not allowed in public or anywhere else in the area, resulting in a scarcity of supply. According to some estimates, a gram of low-quality cannabis costs around $50.

Osaka is a great city where you may spend days learning about its architecture, cuisine, and culture. Believe us when we say that the exploration will satisfy you, but if you’re considering using marijuana, please think twice because you could end up in serious trouble. Take care of yourself and have a great time!

 get marijuana in Osaka cannabis/weed in Osaka

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