Weed in New Delhi

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If you want to learn about one of the world’s most diverse civilizations, India should be at the top of your list. New Delhi, India’s capital, is a stunning metropolis. There are many temples and holy sites in the city, but that’s not all! New Delhi is the place to go if you want to learn about and try Indian cuisine. It’s incredibly easy to buy weed, and the police don’t bother to enforce the laws against it. Continue reading to learn where to acquire weed and how to smoke it in New Delhi.

Cannabis laws in India

While cannabis remains illegal by law, enforcement is lax in many areas. There are reports of vendors openly selling their products on the streets with little to no repercussions. As you wander through different neighborhoods, it is quite common to encounter the aroma of hash being smoked in public.

Where to Get Cannabis in New Delhi

The city’s laid-back approach to cannabis and the widespread use among its residents make it quite accessible, even to those unfamiliar with the area. Begin by stopping by any bhang shop to ask about marijuana. You might also approach tuk-tuk drivers for help in locating better-quality cannabis. Remember to haggle over the price! Moreover, simply walking around the city might show you people openly smoking or shops that have bongs on display.

Cannabis Prices

When it comes to expenses, New Delhi will win you over because the prices are so low in contrast to the rest of the world. 10 grams of cannabis grown outdoors costs around $3 on average. The flavor is excellent, but the quality is not. If you want something of decent quality and potency, look for hashish. A gram of high-quality hashish will set you back $7. You can also get information on Weed in Mumbai and Weed in Hong Kong.

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