Weed in Marmaris

get marijuana in Marmaris finding cannabis/weed in Marmaris

Where to get marijuana in Marmaris, Turkey. On the Turkish Riviera, Marmaris is a well-known tourist attraction. It’s known for its breathtaking location, which is located between two mountains and beautiful Mediterranean beaches. Aside from the seashore, the city’s cultural tourist potential stems from the existence of numerous ancient ruins. Turkey has strict marijuana laws, so tourists will have a hard time finding cannabis/weed in Marmaris.

Cannabis laws in Turkey

Turkey’s drug laws are highly severe, with cannabis being the only exception. In theory, even a few grams of marijuana can land you in prison. In practice, you’re likely to face probation, expulsion from the nation, or being forced to join in a drug treatment program. You will, however, be required to appear in court, which will require you to spend a few days in jail prior to your scheduled court date. Cannabis sales and cultivation are also prohibited and strictly enforced.

In Turkey, cannabis is highly illegal, and this is not a joke. If you absolutely must smoke, do so quietly. Avoid bringing too much with you and refrain from smoking in public places.

Finding weed in Marmaris

Due to severe legislation, weed can be tough to come by in Turkey, notably in Marmaris. Larger cities, such as Istanbul, will provide you a better perspective. In Marmaris, you’ll have to rely on the locals, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to buy some marijuana. It’s worth asking because bartenders are usually willing to help. It’s also possible that you’ll be approached by someone asking if you want to buy something in a pub or club. The price and quality of the product can vary widely, but no more than 10 euros per gram should be paid.

get marijuana in Marmaris finding cannabis/weed in Marmaris

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