Weed in Antalya

get marijuana in Antalya get cannabis/geet in Antalya

Where to get marijuana in Antalya, Turkey. Antalya is a prominent beach resort location in Turkey. It is surrounded by hotels and all-inclusive resorts and is located on the Turkish Riviera. Whether you travel and stay at your hotel resort or decide to see some of the neighboring historic places, you will not be disappointed. When there’s great cuisine, nice weather, and beautiful beaches, it’s natural to want to use marijuana. Turkish drug laws are severe, thus it will be tough for Westerners to get cannabis/weed in Antalya.

Cannabis laws in Turkey

Turkey has a reputation for being severe when it comes to drug laws. Even if you merely have cannabis in your possession, you could be condemned to prison. You may be able to get away with simply probation or admittance to a drug treatment program if the amount is low. You will, however, be required to appear in court, which means you will almost certainly be required to spend a few days in prison prior to your court date.

In Turkey, using marijuana is extremely serious, and if you are discovered, your trip could be ruined. If you must smoke, do it discreetly and avoid doing so in public places.

Finding weed/cannabis in Antalya

In Istanbul, getting cannabis is a lot easier than getting it in Antalya. If you don’t have time to visit Istanbul, Antalya may be able to provide you with some. You’ll have to interrogate some residents, but be cautious because marijuana use is not tolerated by everyone in Turkey. Your best bet is to ask around at bars. The quality and cost of marijuana are highly variable. As a guest, you would expect to pay a little more, but weed generally costs 10 euros per gram.

get marijuana in Antalya get cannabis/geet in Antalya

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