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cannabis/weed in linz get marijuana in Linz

Where to get marijuana in Linz. Linz may not be the most populated or well-known city in Austria, but it has enough to offer travelers. Linz’s architecture is comparable to Vienna’s, yet the mood is much different. Despite its small size, Linz has a substantial student population, resulting in a dynamic nightlife and a wide range of events for young people. Despite the fact that cannabis is illegal in Austria, marijuana is widely used and fairly easy to obtain. If you don’t know anyone in Linz, you’ll have to rely on street dealers, which might be a nuisance. Keep reading for more on cannabis/weed in linz.

Cannabis laws in Austria

Cannabis remains illegal in Austria, despite the fact that it is a very free country.
Marijuana possession for personal use is, nonetheless, permitted.

This means that if you’re caught with marijuana and the cops judge you’re not a dealer based on the facts, you’ll just get a fine or be admitted to a rehab program.
Sale and cultivation rules are more stringent, and you could risk prison time. In general, cannabis is becoming more popular in Austria, but it is still illegal.
As a result, it is better to refrain from smoking in public places and to be discreet when doing so.

Finding cannabis/weed in Linz

In Linz, the Donaupark and Bauernberg Park are two notable places to look for cannabis.
You’ll frequently find either dealers or teenagers smoking if you walk around. If you reciprocate, the dealers will give you a nod and approach you.
You can also ask teenagers, as the vast majority of them have weed or know where to get it.
The quality of marijuana varies from one dealer to the next, but it is typically poor.
Typically, 10 euros per gram is charged. Always check the cannabis before purchasing to avoid being taken advantage of.

cannabis/weed in linz get marijuana in Linz

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