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cannabis/weed in Graz get marijuana in Graz

Where to get marijuana in Graz. After Vienna, Graz is Austria’s second-largest city. The city is known for its well-preserved city center, which is regarded as one of the most attractive in Central Europe. There are six universities in Gratz, with a combined student population of around 60,000. The odd mix of old buildings and student life in the city gives it a particular vibe that is unlike anywhere else on the planet. Weed should be easy to get by in Graz, according to Austria’s lax cannabis legislation and the vast number of students. Continue reading for more in cannabis/weed in Graz.

Cannabis laws in Austria

Despite having one of the highest per capita cannabis consumption rates in the world, marijuana remains illegal in Austria.
Both cannabis growing and sale are considered serious offenses that can lead to jail time. However, there is a distinction made between possession for the intention of resale and possession for personal use. Old restrictions on the amount of marijuana you can have on your person have been changed, and now the distinction is made based on the evidence available.
This implies there is no limit to how much marijuana you can claim was for personal use, but having too much or weed packed in small packages will make you appear to be a dealer, resulting in severe fines. If you have it for personal use, you may be able to get away with it; otherwise, you may face a modest fine or be required to undergo a treatment program.

Getting cannabis/weed in Graz

Finding decent weed in Graz can be difficult if you don’t know any residents or students.
There are dealers, but they usually have terrible weed and will try to take advantage of you by overcharging you. The Stadtpark is a fantastic spot to seek for dealers.
You can usually smell marijuana in the park, but if you don’t, approach any teens and they should be able to either sell you weed or put you in the appropriate direction.

cannabis/weed in Graz get marijuana in Graz

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