Weed in Hong Kong

get marijuana in hong kong cannabis/weed in hong kong

Get Marijuana in Hong Kong. For individuals interested in learning about different cultures and traditions, Hong Kong is a particularly enticing destination. There are many fantastic things to do in the city, and it is home to many expats from all over the world because it was formerly a British colony. It’s a port city with a stunning skyline and an abundance of shopping malls and street food vendors. When it comes to cannabis, things are a little more complicated in Hong Kong. Continue reading to learn how to buy and smoke cannabis/weed in Hong Kong.

Cannabis/Weed in Hong Kong – Laws:

Because any action involving cannabis is severely regulated and illegal in Hong Kong, you should proceed with caution when dealing with weed. Cannabis is a controlled substance, so if you’re caught with it, you could face serious consequences. The police, on the other hand, appear uninterested in cannabis, particularly if you’re a tourist. On the other hand, using common sense is extremely beneficial. Do not smoke or transport cannabis in the city. Having marijuana on you is not a smart idea because cops can ask for IDs and search anyone at any time.

Where to Get Cannabis/Marijuana in Hong Kong:

Hong Kong is a massive metropolis with a sizable tourist and expat population. Obtaining high-quality marijuana will not be difficult, but it will be lot easier if you have some established contacts before you arrive. Going to Kowloon, a downtown region where younger people congregate, is your best hope. Simply ask politely if they know somebody who can assist you, and you’ll almost surely get some pot.

Cannabis/Weed in Hong Kong – Prices:

In Hong Kong, weed is usually sold in larger quantities, making smaller amounts difficult to obtain, especially if you don’t know anyone. The average cost of one ounce is roughly $300, but you can expect high-quality. If you want to save money, you could expect to pay around $100 for an ounce of average cannabis. Because so many people sell it in the city, it’s easy to find hashish, and an ounce will set you back around $50, but don’t expect it to be of the highest quality.

Despite the fact that cannabis is illegal in Hong Kong, it is relatively easy to find high-quality weed at a low cost. Be aware that if you are smoking or carrying cannabis, police may ask for your identification at any time, and if you appear stoned, they may easily search you. If you use common judgment and smoke in private areas, you’ll most likely have the time of your life. Have a fantastic time!

get marijuana in hong kong cannabis/weed in hong kong

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