Weed in Tblisi

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Tbilisi is Georgia’s largest and most populous city, as well as the country’s capital. In recent years, the city, which has a population of more than 1.5 million people. Has performed excellently. Visitors come for the inexpensive prices and delectable cuisine. But Tbilisi has everything a large modern city could possibly have to offer. 

It’s a fantastic place to visit, with a rich history, a thriving nightlife, and beautiful natural surroundings. You’ll be relieved to discover that cannabis is also legal in that country. But the situation is more complicated than it appears.

Cannabis laws in Georgia

Georgia was once known for its stringent marijuana laws. Regular drug screenings were common, and positive tests led to penalties. The severity of these laws prompted nationwide protests, resulting in the Constitutional Court deeming the existing legislation unconstitutional in 2018.

Now, marijuana occupies a legal gray area in Georgia, where personal possession and use are permitted, but growing and selling the substance remain illegal and are punishable by severe prison sentences.

If you manage to acquire marijuana, there’s no need for concern as long as you avoid consuming it publicly or around minors. Legally, police have limited options if you are found with a small amount of marijuana. However, possessing large quantities can still lead to serious legal issues.

Where to find weed in Tbilisi

Despite the fact that cannabis is effectively decriminalized, the use of marijuana in Tiblisi is exceedingly low. If you don’t know anyone in Tbilisi, getting cannabis is practically impossible. Because there is so much fake and synthetic marijuana on the market. It’s advisable not to ask around too much for fear of being taken advantage of. Georgia isn’t exactly the best place to light up a cigarette. More post on how to find Weed in Dubai and Weed in Macau.

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