Weed in Frankfurt

where to get marijuana in Frankfurt cannabis/weed in Frankfurt

Where to get marijuana in Frankfurt. Frankfurt is central Germany’s largest city, with millions of visitors each year. While it is strongly suggested that you smoke weed while exploring the city, you should be aware of the local limitations. Because the plant is decriminalized, you’re more likely to get away with a tiny amount if you’re caught with it, but it all depends on the police officer. You may find a fast guide to cannabis/weed in Frankfurt here.

Cannabis Laws in Germany: 

Although pot isn’t completely legal, smoking in public is okay. Because it is no longer illegal to consume, you can carry up to 10 grams with you. The most crucial thing to remember is that the police officer is in charge of everything. You can be arrested for having a few grams of marijuana on you, but you will not be prosecuted by the court. We recommend only bringing one joint if you want to smoke outside.

Where to Get Cannabis/Weed in Frankfurt: 

Going around the city is the finest and easiest way to get weed if you don’t have any friends in the city. People are frequently smoking and hanging out in the parks along the road, so keep an eye out for them. Younger Middle Easterners are more likely to be able to provide you with high-quality cannabis or hash. Try Konstablerwache if luck isn’t on your side. Weed is really pricey in that region, and you won’t get the greatest buds, especially if you’re a visitor. That would be the absolute last place you’d look for marijuana.

Cannabis Prices: 

Frankfurt’s prices are comparable to those in the rest of Germany, but they vary depending on where you purchase. At regular street prices, one gram of high-quality cannabis costs around 8 euros. Hash is far less expensive, starting at roughly 5 euros per gram. At Konstablerwache, a gram of low-quality cannabis costs around 12 euros.
Despite the fact that smoking marijuana is permitted in Frankfurt, we urge that you smoke in the park rather than in public places. The greatest way to discover an excellent bud is to go to the parks. If you’re still having problems locating weed, Konstablerwache is the last place to look. There will probably be cannabis there, but it will be of poor quality.

where to get marijuana in Frankfurt cannabis/weed in Frankfurt

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