Weed in Dusseldorf

get marijuana in Dusseldorf cannabis/weed in Dusseldorf

Where to get marijuana in Dusseldorf.  Dusseldorf is a lovely city with a burgeoning fashion scene. The Old Town, which is at the core of the city, has wonderful architecture. The Rhine River splits the city into two pieces, and there are many interesting places along the river. The city is walkable, and there are numerous parks nearby, making it ideal for cannabis fans. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you need to know about cannabis/weed in Dusseldorf.

Cannabis Law: 

Although the plant is still illegal in Germany, officers are more tolerant if you aren’t smoking while driving. Consumption is legal, and you’ll be fine as long as you don’t have more than 10 grams on you. The best way to avoid getting caught and getting into trouble is to avoid smoking in public places and near rivers or parks.

Whereto Get Cannabis/weed in Dusseldorf

If you’re new to the city and looking for cannabis, don’t worry—its proximity to the Netherlands can be advantageous. A good strategy is to walk along the river where you’re likely to encounter someone who can either assist you directly or connect you with someone who can. Additionally, backpacker hostels are often hubs for travelers and can be excellent places to find quality cannabis from various parts of the world. Visiting these hostels not only increases your chances of finding what you’re looking for but also offers a great opportunity to meet new people

Cannabis Prices in Dusseldorf

The cost of cannabis varies depending on where you acquire it. The average cost of living is comparable to the rest of Europe. You can get great homegrown cannabis for 10 euros per gram. If you’re not too concerned about quality, you might be able to find a medium-grade bud for 6 euro per gram. In Dusseldorf, hash is very popular, and it costs 8 euros a gram.
Dusseldorf is a city in western Germany where marijuana is still illegal, but the police will not disturb you if you use common sense. If you smoke in parks or near the river where there aren’t many people, you’ll be alright. Also, the marijuana is great! Discover articles on Weed in Berlin and Weed in Reykjavik.

get marijuana in Dusseldorf cannabis/weed in Dusseldorf

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