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cannabis/weed in Bruges get marijuana in Bruges

Where to get marijuana in Bruges. What a brilliant idea it is to wander the streets of Bruges while smoking cannabis. Watch what happens when you take a puff: your thoughts start to tumble a little slower than usual, which opens up a whole new realm of possibilities. Bruges is a city worth seeing from the perspective of a marijuana fan. Despite the fact that it is illegal to consume cannabis in Belgium, the amount of attention dedicated to punishing those who do so in Bruges is fairly low. Bruges, as part of Belgium, is a place where smoking in public areas is not punishable by imprisonment. Don’t bring too much weed; the table below shows the recommended amounts. Continue reading for more on cannabis/weed in Bruges.

Weed Laws in Bruges

Let’s get started with the basics. Continue reading if you’ve forgotten that cannabis is illegal in Belgium but still want to consume it in Bruges. We’re not here to encourage anyone to puff; instead, we want to make sure that those who want to spice up their time with the herb do so carefully and wisely, reducing the danger of a bad time.

It is recommended that you keep less than 3 grams of marijuana on you at all times.

The second suggestion is to carry less than 5 grams; this is slightly riskier in terms of larger penalties, but the chances are still slim.
If you’re caught with more than 5 grams of marijuana in Bruges, you might face hefty fines and even years in prison. Because dealers usually carry larger quantities, you’re more likely to deal and earn from weed transactions. There are further aggravating conditions to being caught with cannabis in Bruges, such as smoking in a public location or near minors, which can result in a fine of up to a thousand euros or even jail time.

Where to Find Cannabis/Weed in Bruges

You’ll have to hunt for a contact on your own if you don’t have any connections who can aid you. As you begin this adventure, keep a few things in mind.
Cannabis and hashish are routinely sold by immigrants, and they are reasonably easy to spot.
Locals may also be able to help you, although finding a local who sells cannabis is rare; alternatively, they may be able to connect you with someone who buys cannabis for them. Approach with caution and awareness if you locate someone who can offer you with what you require.

Check your weed because some dealers will throw in non-cannabis plants or grass to save money by selling you anything they could acquire from the park.
Prices will vary, and don’t expect to get a great deal for your money; after all, beggars can’t be picky. This isn’t to mean that you should accept whatever price is provided; rather, use your common sense.

cannabis/weed in Bruges get marijuana in Bruges

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