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cannabis/weed in Antwerp get marijuana in Antwerp

Where to get marijuana in Antwerp. If you ever find yourself in Belgium, Antwerp is likely to be one of your first stops. It’s a beautiful old city, and smoking weed while seeing the city will be an unforgettable experience. Continue reading for more on cannabis/weed in Antwerp.

Cannabis Law in Belgium:

Belgium has an unusual cannabis law that makes even possessing a single joint illegal. In 2015, if you were found with up to 3 grams of marijuana, you could get away with it. You can expect to get fined if you’re caught with a small amount of marijuana right now, but it all depends on the cop.
Some cops will simply ignore your marijuana possession, while others will arrest you.
The best method to avoid being caught is to smoke in rural areas or by the river.

Where to Get Cannabis/weed in Antwerp:

One of the city’s main squares, Groenplaats, should be your best bet. Persons who are simply waiting for smokers to approach them will be easy to recognize. However, because this place is under constant police surveillance, you should proceed with caution.
Parks or trails near the river, which are popular with smokers, are other places to visit.

Cannabis Prices in Antwerp:

You should anticipate to pay more in Antwerp because the weed is of such excellent grade.
You can expect some of Europe’s best buds because the Netherlands is so close to the city.
A high-quality bud will set you back 10e per gram, while hash will set you back 7e per gram. The best thing is that you can select from a limited selection of strains when making your purchase.

Although it is unlawful to possess or use marijuana in Antwerp, you will be alright if you do it in a private setting.
The grade of the cannabis is superb because the majority of the plant comes from the nearby Netherlands. You should anticipate to smoke a lot of high-quality strains throughout your time in Antwerp.

cannabis/weed in Antwerp get marijuana in Antwerp

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