Weed in Palermo

get marijuana in Palermo cannabis/weed in Palermo

Where to get marijuana in Palermo. Despite the fact that Sicily is not the most well-known region of Italy, some consider it to be the world’s most honest, attractive, and pleasant region. Palermo is the capital of Sicily, and it has a lot to offer visitors. There’s fantastic food, a rich history, and one-of-a-kind architecture to be found here. It’s an experience that everyone should have at least once in their lives. Despite the fact that marijuana is illegal in Palermo, you will have no trouble finding it. To learn how to buy cannabis/weed in Palermo, simply read our guide:

Cannabis laws in Italy

Sicily is more conservative than the rest of Italy, which includes a negative stance against marijuana. Many older people perceive it as something dreadful and destructive, but thankfully, the rules are the same all throughout the country. Furthermore, Italy is a weed-friendly country in general. There is a hemp business as well as a medical marijuana industry. Recreational cannabis use is still prohibited, despite the fact that it has been decriminalized and is now deemed a misdemeanor. That means that if you’re found smoking marijuana or carrying a few grams in your possession, you’ll merely face a fine and not face any jail time.

Only drug dealers and traffickers are sentenced to prison. It’s critical to remember that you can only have a few grams on you at any given time; if you have more, the cops may suspect you of selling and detain you.

Although you are unlikely to face major consequences for smoking marijuana in Palermo, it is prudent to exercise caution. Do not smoke in public, especially when cops are present. Keep in mind that when you consume marijuana, older people despise it. If you are respectful and discreet, everything should be OK.

Getting cannabis/weed in Palermo

Cannabis is simple to come by in Palermo because of the city’s size, the vast number of tourists, and the city’s proximity to North Africa. There’s a lot of hash to be found in North Africa, and the quality is usually decent, if not better than cannabis. The railway station is the finest place to get weed/hash. Just ask one of the nefarious people who prowl the area. The majority of the vendors are African/Arab, which sets them apart from the rest of the crowd. You must be vigilant in Palermo to avoid being taken advantage of. Request that the marijuana be inspected first, and do not pay more than 6-7 euros per gram, which is still higher than what Italians pay.

get marijuana in Palermo cannabis/weed in Palermo

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