Weed in Bangkok

Get marijuana in Bangkok get cannabis/weed in Bangkok

Get weed in Bangkok, Thailand. Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, is a historic city with a long and famous history. There are numerous Buddhist temples throughout the city, as well as delicious street food. We recommend checking out Bangkok’s nightlife if you want to have a wonderful time. It could be a fantastic city to smoke pot if the legislation and overall status of the country are different. For just a few grams of marijuana, many people have been condemned to prison, but the majority of people get away with a fine or the occasional bribe. If you plan to smoke marijuana in Thailand, proceed with caution.
Here’s a fascinating advice on how to smoke and get cannabis/marijuana in Bangkok without being caught.

Cannabis/weed in Thailand – Laws: 

Thailand prohibits the use of cannabis and imposes severe restrictions. Possession, cultivation, or trafficking of up to 10 kilos of marijuana is punishable by a five-year prison sentence. In practice, though, if you are caught with a few grams of marijuana, you are much more likely to be fined than than sentenced to prison. In general, police officers are underpaid, and they are looking for new ways to extort money from tourists.

If you’re caught with a small amount of marijuana, you may be expected to pay a bribe. The amount can vary significantly depending on the officer, and negotiating may be possible. However, it’s advisable to avoid encounters with law enforcement as much as possible. Remember, smoking in public places is also prohibited.

Where to Get Cannabis/Marijuana in Bangkok: 

The best and likely safest approach to obtain the herb is to ask the younger tuk-tuk drivers. They’re mainly locals who spend their days in the same area, thus you’re at risk of being taken advantage of. Pratunam, situated outside the Indra Regent hotel, is a good spot to inquire.

Thai people are friendly and helpful, but keep in mind that they are underpaid and place a high value on money. Simply approach the drivers and ask for some “ganja,” and they will summon an acquaintance taxi cab driver. Once the dealer arrives, you get in the cab, buy the marijuana, and go your separate ways. Do not go anywhere in a taxi. Also you can check out how to get Weed in Tokyo and Weed in Osaka


Reggae bars are a common sight throughout Bangkok, easily recognizable by their vibrant Jamaican and psychedelic hues. These bars are popular hangouts for Westerners, especially backpackers. Often, bartenders at these establishments may sell cannabis. Even if they don’t, asking a few patrons will likely lead you to a reliable source

Cannabis/weed in Bangkok – Prices: 

Expect to pay between 500 and 2000 BHT for cannabis in Bangkok. The cannabis is of poor quality, but when compared to the United States or Europe, the quantity for the price is astounding. Even after all these years, that bud can still give you a terrific buzz. For 500BHT, you can also get enough cannabis to roll 5 joints.

Hash is substantially more difficult to obtain by in Bangkok. There is some Nepalese hash accessible in town, although it is more expensive and difficult to come by than cannabis.

Get marijuana in Bangkok get cannabis/weed in Bangkok

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