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marijuana laws in Buenos Aires

The marijuana laws in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Argentina is known for it’s stunning scenery and rich culture. Buenos Aires is Argentina’s capital and most populated city. Both its well-preserved architecture and its diversified culture have made the city famous. This is a comprehensive guide to purshase and use of marijuana in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Marijuana Laws in Argentina:

Although it is no longer illegal to possess tiny amounts of cannabis, it is still illegal to sell, cultivate, or transport the plant. CBD oil, which is a type of therapeutic marijuana, is also legal. Any amount under five grams, according to reports, will not land you in trouble with the law. Possession is not illegal; in fact, an Argentinian court declared marijuana possession to be a fundamental right in 2009.

The time of year has a significant impact on whether or not marijuana prohibitions are enforced. In the winter, the city is practically abandoned, therefore there are far fewer police officers on duty. The arrival of summer vacationers needs an increase in police presence. Officers have reportedly pretended to be civilians in order to discourage public smoking. Many people still smoke, yet it is dangerous to do so. On beaches with fewer people, such as those in the south, smoking is preferred.

Where to Buy Cannabis in Buenos Aires:

Many people will be able to purchase cannabis at the various beaches, parks, and live music events. Don’t be afraid to approach strangers because the majority of people are friendly to travelers. Even if you ask someone who doesn’t have any, they’ll almost certainly be able to direct you in the right direction. When in doubt, trust your instincts. Cannabis is quite popular among Argentina’s youth, so if you look around, you should have no trouble locating some.

Cannabis Prices in Buenos Aires:

In Argentina, cannabis is typically grown in the bush and crushed into giant bricks to make transporting easier. In the vast majority of circumstances, the product will not fulfill traditional American or European standards. Large quantities of this cannabis, on the other hand, can be acquired for a very low price. Some have been quoted as low as $20 USD for 40 grams. Street sellers in Buenos Aires will have higher prices and, most likely, lower quality. 

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marijuana laws in Buenos Aires marijuana  in Buenos Aires cannabis in Buenos Aires

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