Weed in Varna

cannabis/weed in Varna get marijuana in Varna

Where to get marijuana in Varna. If you ever find yourself in Bulgaria and want to party for a few days, Varna is the place to go. It’s a big Bulgarian city on the Black Sea with a lot of resorts and a lot of high-end entertainment. You may expect spectacular architecture across the city because it was inspired by a diversity of cultures. What could be more enjoyable than snagging some cannabis while taking in the sights of this beautiful city? Continue reading to find out where you can get cannabis/weed in Varna and how to consume it.

Cannabis Laws in Bulgaria

Cannabis, as well as other activity involving the plant, are illegal in Bulgaria. If you are caught, you may expect a lot of trouble. Police officers are famously corrupt, and they are frequently underpaid, so you can expect a lot of trouble if you are caught. Cops target tourists because they believe they are carrying a large amount of cash. The idea is that if you are caught, you should never offer them a bribe because this will simply lead you into greater problems. Expect them to demand a bribe, but expect to pay between 200 and 500 euros if you’re found with even on the joint. Smoking in public is not recommended due to the large number of police officers and the possibility of being penalized in Bulgaria.

Where to Get Cannabis/weed in Varna

It will be difficult to obtain cannabis in Varna if you are a tourist with no connections. Your best bet is to go to a nightclub, where you will almost certainly run into someone who is smoking pot. Other good sites include Marine Park and Centrum, both of which require you to utilize your senses and where you will undoubtedly smell weed. However, be cautious because there are a lot of want tobe gangsters with a bad attitude roaming the parks who can get you into problems.

In Varna, smoking cannabis is strictly forbidden, and tourists who do so will be prosecuted. It’s better not to bring any marijuana with you and to smoke exclusively in quiet or private settings. If you’re caught, you’ll most likely be able to buy your way out, but expect to pay a premium. You risk getting prosecuted in front of a judge if you don’t. If you utilize your common sense, you’ll be fine.

cannabis/weed in Varna get marijuana in Varna

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