Weed in Toulouse

get marijuana in Toulouse cannabis/weed in Toulouse 

Where to get marijuana in Toulouse. Toulouse, France’s fourth largest city, possesses all of the characteristics of a Western European metropolis. Toulouse is an intriguing combination of a European space centre and one of the world’s oldest universities. Exploring Toulouse while smoking weed, like any other French city, is a lovely experience that every visitor should try. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about cannabis/weed in Toulouse.

Cannabis laws in France

When compared to other European countries, France has some of the harshest marijuana laws in the world. Cannabis rules, on the other hand, have lately changed. While possession of marijuana used to be punishable by a large fine or even prison time, presently the most common punishment is a small fine or perhaps a simple warning. Smoking in public is still discouraged since a fine of a few hundred euros can be enforced. Despite the fact that the police in Toulouse are less strict and marijuana is quite popular among young people, it is still advised to consume marijuana only at home.

Where to Get Cananbis/weed in Toulouse

If you don’t know anyone in Toulouse, finding decent quality cannabis or hash can be challenging. The Arnaud Bernard district, which also houses the university, is where the majority of the dealers can be found. Around metro stations, you can find Arab or black vendors selling low-quality cannabis or hash. If you decide to buy marijuana from a street vendor, inspect the product thoroughly before paying, or you may be misled. Weed and hash are priced at roughly 10 euros per gram.

get marijuana in Toulouse cannabis/weed in Toulouse 

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