Weed in Tel Aviv

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Get marijuana in Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is one of Israel’s largest cities and a popular holiday spot due to its low cost of living and wonderful atmosphere. Due to the city’s proximity to the shore, there are various sandy beaches where the nightlife may be found. Marijuana is widely used in Israel, and it would be a shame if you did not partake during your visit. What better way to get a sense of Tel Aviv than to smoke marijuana on the streets? Continue reading to learn where to get and consume cannabis/weed in Tel Aviv.

Cannabis Law in Israel

Any cannabis-related activity is lawful in Israel. Cannabis is illegal for both recreational and medical usage, but it is decriminalized in Israel, thus smoking pot in Tel Aviv will not get you in trouble. Officers aren’t very strict when it comes to cannabis consumption, especially if you’re not causing any harm to the community. You will be prosecuted if you are discovered distributing or growing cannabis, but you do not need to worry about smoking in private settings. Depending on the officer, you may receive a warning or a small fine if you are discovered with the joint.

Where to Get Cannabis in Tel Aviv

Even if you don’t know anyone, buying cannabis/weed in Tel Aviv shouldn’t be a problem because the city is quite tourist-friendly and known for its fantastic nightlife. Checking the street near the seashore and Allenby for good cannabis is your best chance. That’s where the nightlife is, and you’ll almost probably come across someone who can help you. Make some local friends as well; individuals will surely assist you. Marijuana is quite easy to come by because the bulk of the population smokes it.

Weed in Tel Aviv – Prices

Lebanon produces the most popular cannabis, which is of good grade. The primary issue is that the prices are extremely high, particularly if you want branded strains. A gram of high-quality cannabis imported from Lebanon, for example, costs around $15. A brick of hashish weighing about 2 grams will set you back $20 or more if you prefer it.
Although marijuana usage is still illegal in Israel, the general populace in Tel Aviv and around the country acknowledges it. Never carry a large quantity of cash with you when wandering about the city, and avoid smoking on the beach or in parks. If you’re not trading or growing, you’ll be fine. Have a fantastic time!

get marijuana in tel aviv marijuana in tel aviv cannabis in tel aviv weed in tel aviv

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