Weed in Southampton

get Marijuana in Southampton cannabis/weed in Southampton

Where to get Marijuana in Southampton. The city of Southampton is most known for its football team of the same name. On the other side, the city has much more to offer than great football games. Southampton is a large city in the United Kingdom and home to one of the busiest ports in the country. 

It also has a lengthy history, which is reflected in its architecture, which is a mix of modern and antique. Marijuana is readily available in Southampton, as it is in any other university town. Continue reading for our guide on  cannabis/weed in Southampton.

Cannabis Laws in the UK: 

Cannabis is now classed as a Class C drug, but the government has ordered that it be downgraded to a Class B substance. What does that mean, exactly? You’ll almost likely be detained and fined at the police station if you’re caught with a little amount of marijuana in your possession. 

People who are caught with marijuana three times may receive a prison sentence. You don’t need to be concerned; as long as you exercise common sense, you’ll be OK. Smoking is prohibited in public and crowded areas, but is tolerated in secluded parks and indoors.

Getting Cannabis/Weed in Southampton

There are some street traders in Southampton, but they are mainly untrustworthy, and there is a risk of being mugged. Asking around among the students  is your best bet for finding cannabis/weed in Southampton. 

If you ask a few people in a student-friendly pub, someone will almost probably be able to assist you. In Southampton, there is also a lot of hash. Cannabis costs vary, but you should expect to pay roughly ten pounds per gram. You can access articles on Weed in Glasgow and Weed in Manchester,

get Marijuana in Southampton cannabis/weed in Southampton

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