Weed in Nicosia

get marijuana in Nicosia cannabis/weed in Nicosia

Where to get marijuana in Nicosia. Nicosia, Cyprus’ capital, is an ancient, beautiful city that successfully blends numerous cultures to create a unique ambiance. The city is divided into two sections, one Greek in the south and Turkish in the north, but it is still the European Union’s capital and has all of the amenities that come with it. You can expect a busy nightlife in Nicosia, as well as access to cannabis. It can be difficult to get cannabis/weed in Nicosia, so keep reading to find how.

Cannabis laws in Cyprus

Cyprus has one of the strictest cannabis laws in the world. Even if you merely have marijuana for personal use, you could face a prison sentence if you possess it. In reality, if you have a small amount of weed and it is your first offense, you are more likely to be penalized. Depending on how much marijuana you have on you, fines run from 400 to 1000 euros. You will most likely be enrolled in a drug rehab program.

In recent years, there has been some progress in decriminalizing cannabis. CBD oil has been approved for use in cancer patients as a medicinal treatment. However, in terms of cannabis legalization in Cyprus, there is still a long way to go.

Where to get cananbis/weed in Nicosia

In Nicosia, tourists would have a hard time finding cannabis. Due to the strict laws, there are no street vendors walking around, even in the most popular areas of the city. You’ll have to find a local who can get you some weed if you want it. Marijuana is heavily used by many young people, notably college students. Furthermore, prices are higher than in most other European cities. For tourists, a gram of marijuana may cost between 15 and 20 euros.

get marijuana in Nicosia cannabis/weed in Nicosia

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