Weed in Larnaca

cannabis/weed in Larnaca get marijuana in Larnaca

Where to get marijuana in Larnaca. Larnaca, after Nicosia and Limassol, is Cyprus’ third largest city. It is located in the south of the island. If you’re visiting the city, you might as well try some marijuana. Given Larnaca’s plethora of attractions, it’s understandable. There’s lots to see and do, from beaches to old churches and castles, not to mention wonderful food. However, because Cyprus has some of the harshest cannabis restrictions in Europe, travelers may have difficulty finding cannabis/weed in Larnaca.

Cannabis laws in Cyprus

On the surface, both the drug and Cyprus’ cannabis laws appear to be punitive. For consuming narcotics, the maximum sentence is life in prison, while for drug possession, the maximum term is eight years. In practice, though, having a few grams of marijuana about you is unlikely to get you arrested. You will usually be sentenced to a night in prison and a fine ranging from 400 to 1000 euros. If you grow and sell marijuana, you could face serious punishment.

In Cyprus, it’s best to employ caution and avoid being too open about your marijuana use. Do not consume marijuana in public or carry excessive amounts of it on your person.

Finding cannab is/weed in Larnaca

In Cyprus, the majority of people have a marijuana dealer from whom they buy their marijuana. As in other European countries, there are no street sellers. If you don’t have any local acquaintances to ask for help, you’ll have to come up with it on your own. Young residents regularly consume marijuana, and if you are kind and trustworthy, they may be ready to connect you. The grade of cannabis grown in Cyprus is generally poor due to the fact that it is grown outside. You might expect to pay a lot because of the strict laws and the fact that tourists are frequently ripped off.

cannabis/weed in Larnaca get marijuana in Larnaca

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