Weed in Hvar

get marijuana in Hvar cannabis/weed in Hvar

Where to get marijuana in Hvar. Hvar is Croatia’s most well-known Dalmatian island. In recent years, celebrities have flocked to the island, which is now known as Croatia’s most luxury resort. It also serves wonderful food and drinks, albeit it is not inexpensive. The island draws a huge number of young partygoers, making it a fantastic tourist destination with lots to offer everyone. It’s difficult, but not impossible, to get by with cannabis/weed in Hvar.

Cannabis Laws in Croatia

Croatia is a little more tolerant than some of its neighbors when it comes to cannabis. Small amounts of marijuana for personal use were decriminalized in 2015, and medical marijuana became allowed. This does not, however, imply that you are free to smoke whenever you choose. Marijuana possession carries fines ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand euros. This means that if you have a joint on you, you won’t go to jail, but if you’re caught, you’ll have to pay a big fine. Because of the harsh penalties for selling or cultivating marijuana, there aren’t many street dealers in Croatia. As a result, cannabis has a huge following among youngsters.

Getting cannabis/weed in Hvar

Due to the severe regulations restricting the sale of marijuana to tourists, there aren’t many vendors selling to tourists. You’ll have to rely on a local to connect you instead. You’ll have to inquire around if you don’t know anyone. If you see someone smoking, you should approach them. You’ll have to talk to locals or club promoters if you don’t have a phone number or know someone who can help. The quality of the cannabis is frequently bad, however this varies widely from dealer to dealer.

get marijuana in Hvar cannabis/weed in Hvar

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