Weed in Hamburg

get marijuana in Hamburg cannabis/weed in Hamburg

Where to get marijuana in Hamburg. Hamburg may be Germany’s second-largest city, but it is without a doubt the country’s top tourist destination. Although Hamburg is not as well-known as Munich or Berlin, it has a similar nightlife, mood, and architecture. Hamburg, like the rest of Germany, is a marijuana powerhouse. Weed is illegal, yet it’s quite easy to get. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about cannabis/weed in Hamburg.

Cannabis laws in Germany

In comparison to the rest of Europe, Germany is a liberal country with comparatively lax drug legislation. Marijuana is still illegal, but it has been decriminalized. This means that if you only have a few grams of marijuana on you, say 6 grams or less, you may only receive a warning and your weed will be removed. If you smoke in a public place near a school or children, though, you may face further fines. It goes without saying that driving under the influence is illegal. You’ll get in trouble if you sell or cultivate marijuana, and you could face criminal charges.

When it comes to marijuana, Germany is very laid-back, but don’t get too confident. Only smoke in parks or other more private settings, and be careful. If the cops arrive, simply be polite and respectful, and everything should be OK.

Getting Cannabis/weed in Hamburg

Cannabis is widely available in Hamburg because it is a huge German city. Parks such as the ‘Schanzenpark’ or the ‘Florapark’ are wonderful places to start looking. If you walk around the area, you’ll see shady-looking individuals hanging out and selling marijuana. They are frequently Arabs. If there are no dealers, approach some students who are smoking and ask for help; they may have better weed than the dealers. Expect nothing amazing on the street because the quality fluctuates greatly. The standard price per gram is 10 Euros, but there’s a good chance you’ll be taken advantage of.

get marijuana in Hamburg cannabis/weed in Hamburg

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